Published the last words of the pilots of the Tu-154

Experts have deciphered the record of the cockpit voice recorder crashed over the Black sea Tu-154. This is with reference to a source close to the investigation, on Tuesday, December 27, according to Life.

Materials on теме14:47 25 Dec 2016“We are never sure that it will come back alive”In the crash of Tu-154 near Sochi, killing Elizabeth Glinka — Dr. Lisa

The conversation in the cockpit is interrupted by the exclamation: “Flaps, bitch!” After that are the words: “Commander, fall!”

According to a source, the film voice of the black box was not injured in the crash. Work with the second, parametric, recorder not yet started.

A source in the operational headquarters on the site of the disaster confirmed the Agency “Interfax” that version. “According to preliminary data, on Board rassoglasovaniya worked the flaps, as a result of their absence from the lifting force is lost, speed was not sufficient to climb, and the plane went”, he said.

The Tu-154B-2, owned 223-rd flight unit of the Ministry of defense, was headed to Latakia (Syria). He took off from the airfield near Moscow Chkalovsky and landed in Sochi for refueling. Shortly after the second takeoff, the air crashed into the sea. 92 people were killed: 84 passengers and eight crew members.

On Board were the artists of the song and dance ensemble of the Alexandrov, including Director Valery Khalilov, the crew of three TV channels, military and several others, including the Executive Director of the charitable organization “Fair help” Elizabeth Glinka, known as Dr. Lisa, and the head of the Department of culture Ministry of defence Anton Gubankova.