The UN security Council adopted a resolution on the ceasefire in Syria

The UN Security Council adopted the Russia and Turkey, a resolution on the ceasefire in Syria. The document was adopted unanimously.   The truce applies to the government army and armed groups. They agreed to a cease-fire throughout the country from midnight on 30 December.   The ceasefire does not apply to banned terrorist group “Islamic state” and “Dzhebhat EN-Nusra”. Photo: Albin Lohr-Jones / ZUMAPRESS / Globallookpress

Churkin said after the vote in the UN security Council urged “not to let in the fog”

Vitaly Churkin © AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews UN, 31 Dec. /Offset. TASS Oleg Zelenin/. Permanent representative of Russia to the UN Vitaly Churkin called on Saturday members of the Security Council “not let in the fog” and does not impugn the agreements on Syria reached with the mediation of Russia and Turkey. With the appeal he made after the adoption of resolution in support of a contract providing for a ceasefire in Syria and holding of the Astana talks between Damascus and the opposition.

A special flight for expelled Russian diplomats arrived in Washington

The plane that will take home of the employees of the Russian Embassy in the us capital, arrived in Washington. About this TASS said the head of the press service of the diplomatic mission Nikolay Lakhonin. According to him, the special flight landed at the international airport DULLES. It will return to Moscow for the employees of the Embassy, which the US government Thursday ordered within 72 hours to leave the country, and members of their families. In San Francisco (California), for those working in there is located the Consulate General of Russia, the special will not send. They return home on their own, said loonin. On December 30 the administration of Vladimir Putin announced that the export of diplomats and members of their families in the United States will be sent to the airplane special flying squad “Russia” Manager of the President. According to the foreign Ministry of the

Putin in his new year address stressed the role of difficulties in uniting the nation

Polypropolene Vladimir Putin spoke about how to become a magician The difficulties of the year rallied the Russian people and opened the reserves of the opportunities to move forward, said President of Russia Vladimir Putin. In the traditional new year address, which aired in the far East, he called 2016 a tough, reports TASS. “It’s important we believe in ourselves, in our strength, in our country,” — said the head of state. “We work well and we succeeded”, he added, thanking all Russians “for the victories and achievements, for the understanding, trust, real, heartfelt concern about Russia.” According to Putin, all the Russians “share common concerns and common joys, combines long-standing tradition to celebrate the New year with family, with hope for the best.” The President also reminded the citizens of the country who do not sit at the festive table, because “ensuring the security of Russia, work in businesses

The foreign Ministry of Estonia: the country will not seek compensation for “Soviet occupation”

Photo: RIA Novosti The Minister of foreign Affairs of Estonia Sven Mixer stated on Thursday that he does not consider it reasonable to demand from Russia compensation for the damage allegedly caused during the so-called “Soviet occupation”. Justice Ministers of the Baltic States in the autumn of last year signed in Riga the Memorandum of cooperation, which involves the coordination of the submission of claims to Russia about compensation of the damage allegedly suffered by Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia during the years of the so-called “Soviet occupation”. The then Prime Minister of Estonia Taavi Rõivas called signed by the Minister of justice Urmas Reinsalu the Memorandum of his personal decision and stated that the head of the Ministry of justice’s foreign policy creates unnecessary noise. Did not support the nomination of the claim of the Russian Federation and ex-Minister of foreign Affairs of Estonia Marina Kaljurand. Last week Reinsalu convened

Putin congratulated the Russians happy New year and thanked them for taking care of the Homeland

Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated the residents of the country a happy New year. In his new year speech, which was broadcast in the far East, the Russian leader stressed that the difficulties encountered by Russia in the expiring 2016, to unite the country.   “The year 2016 is out. It was difficult, but the difficulties we encountered brought us together, led to discovering the huge reserves of our ability to move forward,” said the President.   The Russian leader noted that the most important thing is faith “in yourself, in your power, in their country.”   “We work well and we have a result”, – said the head of Russia.   Putin thanked the Russians “for the victories and achievements, for the understanding, trust, real, heartfelt concern about Russia.”   “We have a huge, unique and beautiful country!” the President noted, adding that its inhabitants share common concerns, joy

Putin’s schedule for 2017: the last full year of a third presidency promises a lot of work

© Mikhail Klimentyev/press service of the Russian President/TASS MOSCOW, December 31. /TASS/. For Vladimir Putin coming in 2017 will be the last full year of the third presidential term. 17 years of service President and Prime Minister Putin, in his own words, “worked like a galley slave”. There is no reason to believe he’ll slow down in the coming period.

Zakharova suspected the Obama team in an attempt to take revenge on Trump for victory

Maria Zakharova The outgoing US administration, headed by President-Democrat Barack Obama, their last steps trying to get back at elected head of state to Republican Donald Trump for the victory. In this sense, the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said in an interview to the RIA Novosti news Agency. According to the diplomat, now “leaving the administration keeps trying to worsen bilateral relations, not realizing that there’s nowhere”. The Obama team a month before the inauguration of the trump, is scheduled for January 20, adopts the “absurd decisions”, she added (the day before Zakharov felt that the outgoing American administration is “at the bottom”). 29 December, Obama announced the introduction of new restrictive measures against Russia. Sanctions us President and the Ministry of Finance was concerned, in particular, the FSB and the GRU. Washington explained this step the fact that, through hacker attacks, Russia tried to interfere

In Tyumen the old lady gave a tree to replace felled officials

In the Tyumen region the pensioner, at which officials cut down a fir tree, the neighbors gave the new tree. It is reported VistaNews. The tree under their Windows 86-year-old resident of the village of Yarkovo Anna Foltz found on the morning of Saturday, December 31. So the neighbors congratulated her on the upcoming holiday. According to one of the locals, Foltz was very happy gift. The Christmas tree she put at home. The grandchildren presented the woman a toy for decoration. Wood had retired, grew in her garden about 50 years. It cut down on 1 December and installed in the Central square of the village. The official who ordered it without asking permission Foltz, — the chief of Department of capital construction of administration of Yarkovsky district. After the scandal, he filed his resignation, and on December 12, was dismissed.