Putin congratulated the Russians happy New year and thanked them for taking care of the Homeland

Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated the residents of the country a happy New year. In his new year speech, which was broadcast in the far East, the Russian leader stressed that the difficulties encountered by Russia in the expiring 2016, to unite the country.


“The year 2016 is out. It was difficult, but the difficulties we encountered brought us together, led to discovering the huge reserves of our ability to move forward,” said the President.


The Russian leader noted that the most important thing is faith “in yourself, in your power, in their country.”


“We work well and we have a result”, – said the head of Russia.


Putin thanked the Russians “for the victories and achievements, for the understanding, trust, real, heartfelt concern about Russia.”


“We have a huge, unique and beautiful country!” the President noted, adding that its inhabitants share common concerns, joy and a long tradition “to celebrate the New year with the family with hope for the best.”


Putin appealed to those who have met New year far from home, and also in the workplace.


“Many of our citizens, including away from home, ensure the safety of Russia, work in businesses and on duty in hospitals, are trains and planes. Anyone who is doing your labor and military duty, my best wishes in the coming year”, – said Putin.


In addition, the President urged the Russians to become a new year’s eve a little wizards. According to him, to do this, “with love and gratitude to treat their parents, to surround with attention and care of their children, their family, respect of colleagues, cherish friendship, to defend truth and justice, to be compassionate, to help those who are waiting for support.”


“Let all our dreams come true, pure thoughts and good intentions… Peace and prosperity in our great common Homeland – Russia”, – concluded the Russian leader.