Flying to Warsaw, the aircraft landed in Prague because of bomb threat

A passenger plane flying from Spain to Poland made an emergency landing in Prague because of bomb threat on Board. On Friday, December 30, according to Reuters. On Board the Boeing 737 of the Polish airline Enter Air, EN route Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Canary Islands) — Warsaw, there were 168 people — the 162 passengers and six crew members, RIA Novosti reported. During the flight one of the passengers began to threaten that will put in action the explosive device, reports TASS. The crew decided on emergency landing of the liner. After landing at the airport of Vaclav Havel, the police arrested the alleged offender. He was a Polish citizen. The plane drove to the Parking fine, the passengers were evacuated. The interior Minister of the Czech Republic Milan khovanets confirmed information about the incident on Board. It does not specify whether the detainee explosive device. He said

Peskov told about Putin’s reaction on his closed eyes during the President’s speech

Dmitry Peskov Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said about the reaction of Vladimir Putin on his closed eyes during the President’s address to the Federal Assembly. As he explained in the broadcast of “international sawmill” on channel NTV, the camera showed him in the moment of “maximum concentration”. “In two hours Putin calls — He said, “Dmitry, here these points, accents, what do you think they sounded?”. I speak: “Vladimir Vladimirovich, this is great, I think this is right on target, it reached the audience.” And after a short pause, asked: “how do you know, Dmitry Sergeyevich?” — said Peskov. He admitted that he didn’t know what to say: “I began to mumble nervously. And the voice I quietly said, “You slept all the time, Dmitry””. In response to a question from the program host Tigran Keosayan about what he at the time was the state,

The Klintsevich: the truce will benefit all parties to the conflict in Syria except ISIS

Photo: RIA Novosti Of the truce will benefit all parties to the conflict in Syria, except terrorists; as for the US, they essentially are excluded himself from participation in the peace process, but the door is not closed for them, he told reporters on Thursday the first Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security Frants Klintsevich. Earlier the President of Russia Vladimir Putin announced reaching agreements on a cease-fire in Syria and willingness to start peace negotiations. Signed three documents: the first between the Syrian government and the armed opposition ceasefire in Syria, the second set of measures to monitor the ceasefire, the third statement of readiness for the start of peace talks on the Syrian settlement. “From the cease-fire would benefit all. Unless, of course, have in mind the terrorists of ISIS (ISIS, a group banned in Russia). As for USA, they in the face

Shoigu: the enormous potential of the supercomputer, the defense Ministry is only used half

Sergei Shoigu © Mikhail Klimentyev/press service of the Russian President/TASS MOSCOW, December 30. /TASS/. The potential of the supercomputer of the National control center defense (NCUA) Russia is huge and is less than half. This was stated by the Minister of defence of Russia Sergey Shoigu in the documentary “eyes on the center” shown on air of TV channel “Russia 24”.

Trump called Putin’s decision on U.S. diplomats “an excellent course”

Donald trump expressed his opinion about the decision of the Russian chief Vladimir Putin not to send from Russia American diplomats in response to the sanctions of Barack Obama.   “I always knew he was very smart,” — said the US President-elect in Twitter.   Recall before it became known that the current occupant of the White house Barack Obama signed a decree on the introduction of new anti-Russian sanctions for alleged interference by Russian hackers in the presidential elections and “the pressure on American diplomats.” America also blocked the Russian diplomats access to the so-called suburban “summer cottages” of the permanent mission of the Russian Federation in new York and the Russian Embassy in Washington. In addition, the Obama administration declared persona non grata 35 Russian diplomats.     Vladimir Putin said that Moscow will not be in response to send American diplomats. And this is despite the fact

Churkin called the cynical U.S. decision to close the cottages diplomats

Vitaly Churkin The U.S. government has done is outrageous and cynical, blocking Russian diplomats access to out of town complexes in new York and Maryland before the winter holidays. On Friday, December 30, said the official representative of Russia to the UN Vitaly Churkin, reports TASS. “They know that these two objects are vacationing our children. Now is the time the Christmas holidays (…) This is the time when children are sent to these objects”, — quotes Agency the words of the diplomat. The day before the US authorities decided within 72 hours 35 to expel Russian diplomats, as well as close access to two objects used by them. The White house claim that this is the answer to the oppression of the staff of the American Embassy in Moscow. The foreign Ministry explained that the total number of Russians who must leave the United States, is 96 people. We

The Ministry of justice included the center “Sova” in the list of registered as foreign agents

The Ministry of justice of Russia has included the information-analytical center “Sova” in the registry of foreign agents. On Friday, December 30, reported on the Agency’s website. “The fact of compliance of the organization signs a non-commercial organization performing functions of a foreign agent that is installed during the Main Directorate of the Ministry of justice of Russia in Moscow unscheduled documentary verification”, — said in a statement. Center Director Alexander Verkhovsky said the Agency urban news “Moscow” that does not agree with the definition of organization as a foreign agent. “They felt that our organization performs these same functions of a foreign agent. At least in my understanding, we are functions not implemented”, — he said. According to him, the problem lies in the wording of the law. Materials on теме02:12 20 Feb 2016With knowledge of instransigence about the political activities of NGOs arrived in the state Duma “Of