Zakharova suspected the Obama team in an attempt to take revenge on Trump for victory

Maria Zakharova

The outgoing US administration, headed by President-Democrat Barack Obama, their last steps trying to get back at elected head of state to Republican Donald Trump for the victory. In this sense, the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said in an interview to the RIA Novosti news Agency.

According to the diplomat, now “leaving the administration keeps trying to worsen bilateral relations, not realizing that there’s nowhere”. The Obama team a month before the inauguration of the trump, is scheduled for January 20, adopts the “absurd decisions”, she added (the day before Zakharov felt that the outgoing American administration is “at the bottom”).

29 December, Obama announced the introduction of new restrictive measures against Russia. Sanctions us President and the Ministry of Finance was concerned, in particular, the FSB and the GRU. Washington explained this step the fact that, through hacker attacks, Russia tried to interfere in the electoral process in the United States (Moscow such allegations have consistently rejected — approx. “Of the”).

In addition, the state Department decided to expel from the United States 35 employees of diplomatic missions (under the sanctions were even the chef of the Consulate General in San Francisco). President Vladimir Putin from the mirror refused to answer.

Washington has repeatedly stated the involvement of Russian hackers in the process of the presidential elections held in November (in Moscow such accusations consistently disavow). A report to the appropriate topic Obama intends to pass in the U.S. Congress.