A Saudi was sentenced to prison for incitement to abolish the male guardianship over women

The court in the city of Dammam, located in Eastern Saudi Arabia has sentenced a citizen of the Kingdom to a year in prison and a fine of 30 million Saudi riyals (about eight thousand dollars) for the call to cancel the guardianship of men over women. On Tuesday, December 27, reports The National.

The man was detained in the El-Ihsan during the distribution of leaflets with this appeal in the mosques. It is noted that he also led an active campaign in social networks.

Its position the detainee explained by the desire to help women, including their relatives, complained of unequal status in Saudi society.

In September, thousands of citizens of the Kingdom have signed a petition demanding the repeal of the guardianship of men over women in Saudi Arabia.

In accordance with the laws of the Kingdom, women must obtain consent from male relatives to travel abroad, to go to work, study or marry. Permission is also required if the woman rents an apartment or is going to undergo treatment at the hospital.

The guardian should be the father, brother or husband. If a woman was widowed, the resolution can give her son.