In social networks massively complained of “Mail of Russia”

In social networks massively complained of “Mail of Russia”

Network users massively complained that “Mail of Russia” has ceased to send the notification about the parcel with track number.

Twitter users from Moscow were indignant with that on the company’s website did not publish any information about the cancellation of the notification. Apparently, employees of public companies limited by ads plastered on the entrances of houses. They say that the parcel with the track number you want to track yourself as more notification will not be delivered.

Here is the ad hanging in my entryway. And it is in Moscow. Looks great on the background of huge bonuses hand-La Mail of Russia ( 95 million).

— Nikolay Lyaskin (@nlyaskin) December 1, 2016.

The situation drew the attention and users from other cities of Russia. So, users from Saratov and Samara said that they also stopped email notifications. “We in Samara in all post offices is,” said one of them.

Some began to joke about the service of “Mail of Russia”, noting that the notice on the premise, if come, then hand-written on an ordinary sheet of paper.

Beautiful today a parcel notice from the Russian post could really just be the toilet paper to write that is already there

— Katya Katerina (@katyakatyk) October 31, 2016.

In the “Mail of Russia” has responded to users ‘ messages and promised to deal with the problem. “In this situation would be an official audit, the results will be announced later”, — said in the official Twitter account of the company.