You need to go to court – the chief editor of “R-Sport” about moving the world Cup of bobsleigh and skeleton of Russia

Politicized and have no relation to sports said the decision of the International Federation of bobsleigh and skeleton to move the championship from Sochi chief editor of “R-Sport” Vasily Konov. So the expert commented on the situation of the site. In his opinion, no claims for the preparation of the world championship in Sochi , the Federation was not before.


“The sledge-bobsleigh track in Sochi is one of the best in the world – was ready for the Olympic games, respectively, but I also no it could not be from the International Federation. Talk about the fact that representatives of Korea and the Baltic States is ready to boycott the tournament – this is likely a question for the individual athletes, and not to the host country”, – he said.


In taking this decision, the international Federation of bobsleigh and skeleton need to understand what it means, the expert explained. After all, Russia already spent too much on preparing for the world Cup.


“The international Federation, in making this decision, should take financial responsibility to compensate for the Russian side, those costs that have already been produced. Because otherwise, it turns out that the Russian side has suffered twice. And the international Federation, in this case, must be consistent and in the case of transfer to another country should compensate for Russia what has already been spent,” says Konov.


An end to this bad story, said the chief editor of “R-Sport”, can only put the court.


“The only way to resolve the conflict, of course, the court, considering that the objective reasons for the postponement of the world championship there. And force majeure in this case we are also not observable, because no natural disasters and conflicts on the territory does not, of course, the position of the International Federation is quite shaky and they will need to bring a quite strong argument in order to somehow explain his decision”, – he concluded.


Recall that an hour earlier it became known that Russia took away the right to host the world Cup in bobsleigh and skeleton, which was to be held in Sochi in February 2017. Information about this appeared on the website of the International Federation of bobsleigh and skeleton.

Photo: Fei Maohua / ZUMAPRESS / globallookpress