Become aware of the findings of the UN report on the attack on a humanitarian convoy in Aleppo

The UN Commission was unable to determine who attacked a humanitarian convoy near Aleppo on 19 September. It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to the findings of the report submitted to the leadership of the world organization. According to excerpts from the document, the experts found that “although the cause of the incident was air attack, it is impossible to identify the artist or artists”. The experts also reported that they did not have evidence to conclude that the incident was a deliberate attack on a humanitarian object. Earlier, on December 17, it was reported that the Commission completed the investigation into the attack on the convoy and gave a confidential report with the findings on the study of the UN Secretary-General ban Ki-moon. At the end of September, ban Ki-moon ordered the creation of a special Commission to investigate the incident. In October, the official representative has informed

The Muscovite has paid compensation for a parcel with a wish to die

Postal service Pony Express paid the Muscovite Olesya Voronova compensation after the incident with the parcel, which was returned with a note “Die, scum!”. Settlement of the situation it reported on his page on Facebook, posting a screenshot of the letter from the representative of the company. According to the document, the Pony Express listed 10276 rubles, and the guilty employee was fired. “I received an official apology from the company, claims for its part no longer have. Now I am sure that such a nightmare with no one will happen. Grateful to the staff of the Pony Express for the prompt response, I want to close this topic,” wrote Raven. About the incident, Voronov said on his page on the social network on December 21, but later deleted his post. Muscovite tried to send a box of candy and chocolate to Azerbaijan, but it is not missed custom. When

Avakov arming militants state-owned weapons

Interior Minister of Ukraine Arsen Avakov during the last few years passed by unknown persons 2,200 premium weapons. About it reports the edition   Earlier, the Ukrainian court decided to announce the list of citizens, which Avakov said high reward, but the Minister has executed the court decision only partially, providing data only about fifty are awarded.   In addition to the list provided by the Ukrainian Ministry does not specify either the names of the recipients or model of the gun.   As the newspaper notes, information about the premium weapons have been received only when its received public personalities – Ministers, judges, businessmen. The fate of more than 1.7 thousands of weapons remains unknown. Under the assumptions of the Ukrainian portal, this Arsenal is enough to create a private army and seize the Supreme Rada, the presidential administration and the building of ministries and departments. Portal mentions

In Mexico a powerful explosion on the market of fireworks, dozens injured

In Mexico a powerful explosion on the market of fireworks, dozens injured As a result of the incident injured more than 70 people. 17фотографий17фотографий17фотографий MEXICO city, 21 Dec. /Offset. TASS Ivan valueK/. At least ten people were killed and over 70 injured on Tuesday in an explosion at a fireworks market of San Pablito in the state of Mexico. This was reported by the newspaper Reforma, citing local authorities. The scene in the municipality of Tultepec, rescuers, firefighters and ambulance crews. According to some, at the moment of explosion on one of the largest markets of pyrotechnics in the country could be up to two thousand people. Appeared on social networks the videos and photos you can see that San Pablito was almost completely destroyed. It is unknown what could have caused the incident. Informed about the incident reported by the electronic version of the newspaper El Universal. According to

Russian and South Korean scientists decipher genome of ancient animals

Russian and South Korean scientists decipher genome of ancient animals The DNA molecules of the cell nucleus has been taken from the bones of mammoths, bison, horses, rhinoceros, elk, deer, and wolf. The first results will be known in the summer of 2017. YAKUTSK, December 21. /Offset. TASS Susanna Rozhina/. The genome of ancient animals for the first time in Russia will be decrypted by Russian and South Korean scientists. About this TASS said a leading researcher of the International centre for collective use of NEFU “Molecular paleontology” Lena Grigorieva. “We’re in the lab “Molecular paleontology” in Yakutsk has already identified the DNA from the bones of ancient animals paleontology — this is the first phase of large-scale genome studies. Data is sent to South Korea in the biotechnology research Fund Sooam for carrying out transcripts, then in summer in Yakutsk will be carried out data interpretation and analysis. Prior

Mei believes that independence will help Scotland to retain EU membership

Mei believes that independence will help Scotland to retain EU membership LONDON, 20 Dec — RIA Novosti, Denis Voroshilov. A second referendum on independence will help Scotland to maintain the status of being an EU member and get access to the European single market, said the British Prime Minister Theresa may. Earlier on Tuesday, Scotland’s first Minister Nicola Sturgeon said that the best way to development in the region would be the independence with full membership in EU and membership in the Customs Union of the EU. Sturgeon said that the cooperation with the EU single market is fundamentally for Scotland. “I don’t think you want a second referendum. If the region becomes independent, it ceases to be a member of the EU, will lose access to the European single market and the UK market. As the UK market for Scotland four times more than European (turnover comes from the

Media: the Pentagon noticed the successful test of a missile defense system “Nudol” in Russia

WASHINGTON, December 21. /Offset. TASS Andrey Shitov/. U.S. intelligence has spotted another test of the new Russian missile defense system called “Nudol”. This was reported online edition of the Washington Free Beacon, citing Pentagon sources. “Russia has conducted a successful flight test of a new missile, capable to disable the strategic communications and navigation satellites of the USA”, – is spoken in the publication.

The suspect in the Berlin attack was under surveillance by intelligence services

Anis Amri The suspect in the terrorist attack in Berlin Anis Amri few months he was under observation of intelligence services of Germany. On Wednesday, December 21, reports Spiegel Online. Amri was born in Tunisia in 1992, in Germany, he arrived in July 2015. Some time later, he came into the view of law enforcement. The first record of him, according to the publication, appeared in February of this year. Intelligence services suspected him of having links with an international terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia). Against 24-year-old men were encouraged to establish “intensive control”. In the spring of Amri was in the files as the “instigator” in respect of this category of persons necessary to carry out regular inspections. All under the control of the Ministry of internal Affairs are 549 people. Mainly Tunisian, lived in Berlin, but the last time he went to the territory

Putin has found a “good idea” in sentences Zhirinovsky

Vladimir Putin and Vladimir Zhirinovsky Russian President Vladimir Putin said that sometimes reads a brochure of the liberal democratic party leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky and find interesting ideas. He said this on Wednesday, December 21, during the meeting with the Federal Assembly, reports TASS. “There are good thoughts. Both the spiritual and organizational”, — said the head of state. Putin also recalled that in the early 2000s, Zhirinovsky put forward the idea, which later “was implemented in the form of Federal districts”. On December 21, the Kremlin held the meeting of Putin with representatives of the chambers of the Russian Parliament. Been affected by various issues, including changes in laws, simplification of obtaining citizenship of the Russian Federation, the excise tax on alcohol means and tobacco, as well as the fight against terrorism. At the end of the meeting, Putin invited representatives of the Federal Assembly to celebrate the end of

In the Kremlin expect new contacts between Putin and Abe in the next year

Photo: RIA Novosti Moscow expects new contacts between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe in 2017, said Tuesday the press-Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov, reports RIA “Novosti”. “We expect next year new contacts between Putin and Abe; as will be determined by the terms, we will inform,” – said Peskov. Earlier it was reported that Abe will visit Russia in early 2017 to discuss a peace Treaty. On 15 and 16 December in the Japanese Prefecture of Yamaguchi in Tokyo held talks with Abe and Russian President Vladimir Putin.