The Muscovite has paid compensation for a parcel with a wish to die

Postal service Pony Express paid the Muscovite Olesya Voronova compensation after the incident with the parcel, which was returned with a note “Die, scum!”. Settlement of the situation it reported on his page on Facebook, posting a screenshot of the letter from the representative of the company.

According to the document, the Pony Express listed 10276 rubles, and the guilty employee was fired. “I received an official apology from the company, claims for its part no longer have. Now I am sure that such a nightmare with no one will happen. Grateful to the staff of the Pony Express for the prompt response, I want to close this topic,” wrote Raven.

About the incident, Voronov said on his page on the social network on December 21, but later deleted his post. Muscovite tried to send a box of candy and chocolate to Azerbaijan, but it is not missed custom. When the courier company Pony Express brought the shipment back, double pack, which contained sweets, was cut open, and inside was the attached message.

With the help of CCTV camera security service company established employee, put a note. The representative of the company called Raven a formal apology and a promise to reimburse all the costs.