General Director of “Mail of Russia” will hold for six months

General Director of “Mail of Russia” will hold for six months

Dmitry Strashnova extend the contract.

As it became known “Kommersant”, the government instructed the Minister of communications Nikolai Nikiforov to extend the employment contract with the General Director of “Mail of Russia” Dmitry strasnoy, which in autumn have any questions of the Prosecutor General, until July 1, 2017.

Upon expiration, can be considered the replacement of the company’s management – the fate of the General Director, according to sources, “b” depends on “results, which he will show.”

Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich has recently urged Minister of communications and mass communications Nikolai Nikiforov to conclude a new employment contract with General Director FGUP “Mail of Russia” Dmitry strasnoy, told “Kommersant” a source in the government. The term of the employment agreement of Mr. Strashnov — six months, the Minister must report to Arkady Dvorkovich concluded by Dmitry Strasnoy the contract till December 31, said the interlocutor of Kommersant.

Read alsothe Head of “Mail of Russia” told about his award at 95.4 million sublaminar already signed an employment agreement with Dmitry Strasnoy, it happened in early December, says the Federal official. He confirms that the contract specify the term to July 2017.

Dmitry Strashnov through a press-service of “Mail of Russia” have refused comments. So did representatives of Arkady Dvorkovich and Nikolay Nikiforov.

Mr. Strashnov, head of “Mail of Russia” from April 19, 2013. Prior to that, he for four years was managed by a cellular operator “Tele2 Russia”. In April 2014 the Ministry of communications has decided to extend the contract with Dmitry strasnoy for another five years, until April 2019. Then Nikolai Nikiforov suggested Arkady Dvorkovich to change the order of the payroll managers of FSUEs. This should lead to an increase in the salaries of General Director of “Mail of Russia” from 250 thousand to 3.7 million RUB, but the offer was not accepted.

This fall, however, the Minister has prepared the order about increase of the maximum level of salaries of top management “Mail of Russia”. From the document followed that the salary of its CEO can theoretically reach 10 million rubles a month.

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However, Mr. Strashnov recently, there is a claim the Prosecutor General’s office: November 25, her representatives said that the award of top Manager in the amount of 95,4 mln. following the results of work of the enterprise in 2014, assessed illegally, he had to get up to 3.2 mln. Prosecutors also found that in 2014 at the conclusion of the contract with Mr. Strasnoy has not been defined a value of possible rewards, which allowed “him to significantly overstate”.

In this case the employment contract has not been agreed with the government, although this requirement is contained in the resolution on the powers of the Federal state unitary enterprises.

First Deputy Prosecutor General of Russia Alexander Buksman sent to the Investigative Committee of the materials of a criminal case against Dmitry Strashnov on charges of abuse of office and two senior officials of the Ministry of communications under article “Negligence”.

Now comes the test of these materials.

“My contract was signed by the head of the Ministry, — explained Dmitry Strashnov.— The illegitimacy of the contract? Why, then, my supervisor at the Deputy Prime Minister included me in the government Commission on the issues of communication, in the official delegation for the signing of contracts with their participation? It’s not the whole story.”

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In early December, the media reported the recesses in the Central office of “Mail of Russia documents” relating to the salaries of its CEO and its leaders. The company said that on December 7 gave the security forces the documents upon request, these materials are not associated with payments of salaries and bonuses to management.

After the claims of the Prosecutor General, the government correctly decided to formalize the relationship with Mr. Strasnoy, said a source close to the government office, stating that a six-month contract was the idea of Nikolay Nikiforov.

The employment contract with the CEO may be concluded at any time, in accordance with the constituent documents of the company, said partner Tilling Peters Anna-Stefaniya Chepik. In relation to Dmitry Strashnov, in her opinion, it is more about management decision.

“May be taken into account the claim of the Prosecutor General to remove questions on wages. And the fact that the agreement is signed for a shorter period than the current, most likely, speaks about the future of leadership”— says the lawyer.

Kommersant’s sources also believe that upon expiration of the term of the agreement may be considered the change of management of “Mail of Russia”. But, adds one of the interlocutors “y”, “everything will depend on what the results will show the CEO”.

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