The brother and sister repeated the experiment with boiling oil and set fire to the apartment

Brother and sister accidentally started the fire in Metropolitan apartment during the experiment with hot oil and water. About it reports on Tuesday, October 31, the Agency urban news “Moscow”.

According to a source in law enforcement bodies, the incident happened on 30 October in the house on the street working. 24-year-old brother and 22-year-old sister poured in the pan with sunflower oil, and when it began to boil, added water into it. The result was an explosion in the kitchen broke the window, started a small fire. The young people received burns.

It is noted that the place was left six outfits firefighters and two ambulances. Evacuation of the building was conducted.

Earlier in October, the network has drawn attention to the experiment, Russian student, who splashed a glass of water on a frying pan with boiling oil. In the end, there was a fire in the kitchen had melted the ceiling and curtains. In the comments under the video, the audience thanked the “resourceful” young man in absentia “, awarded the” Darwin award.