Disaster told about two thousand dollars “tip” for Oxymoron


American rapper Dizaster (real name Bashir Yagami) confirmed “the Ribbon.ru” that the organizers of the battle King Of The Dot was given to Russian Occimiano (Miron Fedorov) two thousand dollars. He stressed that it was not pay for performance.

“What I said — not a charge, he participated in the battle for free. They gave him the money later, like “here’s two thousand”, not to feel bad because nothing he has not paid”, — explained the American. He called the money tips artist.

Disaster said that he Oxxxymiron did not ask for money, but simply wanted to speak. “He wanted to get compensation in case if they “had the money”. But they said there is no money, and he agreed to participate for free,” added the rapper.

Hip-hop performer also asked not to publish the audio recording of his speech, which is at the disposal of edition.

Before “Tape.ru” has published an interview with Disastera, during which the rapper has discovered that the organizers of his bout with Occimiano allegedly cheated him. “They gave Occimiano two thousand dollars, and if you really want the fucking truth, the reason why Oxy is not paid, is because he said from the beginning that there is no money at all,” protested the American.

Oxxxymiron said on Twitter that “wouldn’t battling for 2 thousand bucks” and said that he returned the money only for the tickets and housing in the United States, which hosted the competition. He entered into a verbal altercation with “ru” who wanted to know the real income of the contractor, and announced that they will not let the journalists on the presentation.

The Editors”.ru” emphasizes that the presentation of Oxymoron not akkreditovyvalisj.

Background: Dizaster fell out with the rap League KOTD after the interview “Tape.ru”