Eyewitnesses reported details of the murder of AquaWay near Kiev

Amina Okueva

A party to the armed conflict in the Donbass Amina Okueva was shot in the village of glevaha in Kyiv region from the machine. This TV channel TSN reported the eyewitness of an event — a local store clerk. According to her, was just one machine gun.

In turn, the TV channel “112 Ukraine” with reference to local residents reported that the attackers were two.

Residents of the neighboring Glevaha village of Maliutianka told the Kiev newspaper “Vesti” that the alleged killer left the crime scene in their town. “In the area of relocation was a lot of police, but the road is not blocked. I went by there about an hour ago. The car was not stopped and not searched, but the news say the opposite,” — said local resident Irina. She added that the mansions near the scene equipped with video cameras, so the security forces will not be a problem to establish where the criminals went.

Oct 31, husband of AquaWay Adam Osmayev told the details of the attack. “Everything around me flew, panel [instrument] all… as I could have passed, because the bullets hit the engine, the car stopped. Tried to give first aid Amin, but her head hit,” he said.

Evening of October 30 at a railway crossing near the village of glevakha, Kyiv oblast, the car driven by Osman, was attacked by gunmen. As a result, his wife Amina Okueva was killed, he was wounded in the leg.