The story of Putin about the mysterious collection of biological material went on memes

Vladimir Putin The story of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin about certain forces, collecting biological material of Russian citizens that became a reason for jokes in the social networks. “There is a question here is why do it? Do purposefully and professionally. We such is the object of very great interest”, — said the head of state at a meeting of the presidential Council on human rights. What he meant, and understood not all. — Lentic (@the_lentach) 30 October 2017, 15:02 — Mediazone (@mediazzzona) 30 October 2017, 13:58 Someone voiced the Russian leader was certainly funny, but some decided to argue with him. — Тoтzе (@zagibaigvozdi) 30 October 2017, 15:01 — Bob Farber (@Bobchensk) 30 October 2017, 14:54 — zero hero (@zero_o_hero) 30 October 2017, 15:03 — not Ron Weasley (@not_RW) 30 October 2017, 14:57 — Ivan Semyonov (@Sem7ser) 30 October 2017, 15:00 — Rospotrebnadzor (@OVCIOM) 30 October 2017,

Disclosed statistics of suicides in Russia

The suicide rate in Russia is 16.5 cases per 100 thousand people. These data led the chief freelance psychiatrist of the Department of health of Moscow Georgy Kostyuk, reports RIA Novosti. According to him, the less likely suicide lives in Moscow: in the capital recorded a 4-4. 5 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants. Kostyuk did not specify over what period the statistics are collected. Also Kostyuk told about the statistics of children’s suicides: two cases per 100 thousand people in Moscow — 0,7, in the world — one case. Numbers of teenage suicides is higher to 11.5 per hundred thousand deaths in Russia, in Moscow — 4.3 case overall in the world and 7.4. Kostiuk noted that, according to the who, over the past 30 years has significantly increased the number of suicides among children and adolescents. The doctor added that in 1990-e years, the rate of suicides of Russians

Attacked with a knife at a kindergarten in Armenia the man left in hostages of one child

Attacked with a knife at a kindergarten in Armenia the man left in hostages of one child Moscow. 30 Oct. INTERFAX.RU — hostage in a kindergarten in the Armenian man freed members of the staff and the majority of children, but continues to hold one child, reported “Interfax” a source in law enforcement bodies. “Inside the building, a man holds one child” — said the Agency interlocutor. As previously reported, an unknown man with a knife attacked a kindergarten in the town of Armavir, 48 km West of Yerevan. The press service of the Armenian police, “Interfax” informed that it had received “a message in place of the left group.” “The building entered armed with a knife man. Requirements not shown,” — said “Interfax” head of the Department of information and media relations of the police of Armenia Edgar janoian.

Putin spoke about the collection of biological material of the Russians

Putin spoke about the collection of biological material of the Russians Moscow. 30 Oct. INTERFAX.RU — President Vladimir Putin asked about the purpose of collection of biological material among representatives of different nationalities living in Russia. “About the fact that the images of our voting citizens are about someone that once used, the images-that’s fine. You know that biological material collected for the whole country, and in different ethnic groups and people living in different geographical locations in the Russian Federation”, — Putin said at a meeting of the Council on human rights under the President on Monday. He commented Igor Borisov, speaking with a number of proposals regarding the electoral process in Russia. Last summer, the media reported about the plans of the us military to purchase samples ribonucleic acid (RNA) — living tissues of the Russians of the Caucasian race. While the media referred to the contract of

Klimkin shared his thoughts on “Russian tanks” in Catalonia

Klimkin shared his thoughts on “Russian tanks” in Catalonia MOSCOW, 30 Jul — RIA Novosti. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin at a joint press conference with his Spanish counterpart Alfonso Tacticom spoke about the difference between Crimea and Catalonia on the example of “Russian tanks”. It is reported by TV channel NewsOne. “Imagine that right now in Catalonia would be two thousand Russian tanks and armored vehicles, thousands of Russian regular troops and tens of thousands of Russian mercenaries. It was controlled by Russia,” — said the head of the Ukrainian foreign Ministry. According to him, despite the lack of tanks in Catalonia, Spain and Ukraine still have a “joint challenges”. We are talking about “Russia’s attempts to wage hybrid war against all of Europe, to weaken it,” says Klimkin. The Ukrainian authorities accuse Russia of “aggression” and of involvement in the events in Donbass. Moscow

Putin called the year of the centenary of the revolution to draw a line under the schism of the people

Putin called the year of the centenary of the revolution to draw a line under the schism of the people The President of Russia Vladimir Putin believes that the centennial anniversary of the October revolution of 1917, it is necessary to end the division of society, which provoked a revolution. 13фотографий13фотографий13фотографий “I hope that this date will be perceived by our society as summing up the features for dramatic events that divided the country and the people, will become a symbol of overcoming of this split, a symbol of mutual promotion and adoption of a national history for what it is. With its great victories and tragic pages,” — said Putin, speaking at a meeting of the Council on human rights (HRC). The President said, is particularly relevant opening year of the centenary of the revolution of the memorial to victims of political repression “Wall of Sorrow”, which should be

Russian teenager condemned in Norway for the homemade bomb

The court in Oslo has sentenced 17-year-old Russian to nine months in prison on a terrorism case. It is reported NRK. Prosecutors asked for him two years in prison. The prosecution claims that the teenager came under the influence of radical Islamists, communicating with them in Norway. According to the defense, the young man wanted to experience the explosive device in the forest. According to NRK, the prosecution of terrorism, the Russians present were not because the bomb did not pose a serious danger. Teenager from Russia was detained in April 2017 after he left under a bridge near a metro station, an improvised explosive device. A young man living in Norway since 2010, in this country, his family sought refuge. “Kommersant” reported that talking about the natives of Ingushetia.

Prostitutes from Eastern Europe have fallen off the market sex-services in Liverpool

The massive influx of prostitutes from Eastern Europe to Britain and particularly in Liverpool led to the fall of prices for sex services. About it reports The Independent. Some collaborators of the industry of sexual services now are forced to take over his job only four pounds (about 300 rubles). “I had to reduce prices in order to obtain something. I usually get up, dress up and then have sex with different men day after day,” said one of the prostitutes suffering from drug addiction. Her boyfriend explained that the main competition to the local prostitutes are immigrants from Croatia and Serbia. “So they are fighting for this business,” he explained. According to the newspaper, Liverpool is the second city in number of employees in the sex industry in the UK. On 28 October it was reported about the dismissal of nine British sailors, who served on the nuclear submarine

Hundreds of millions of Chinese play the game in which you have to applaud the Prime Minister

Hundreds of millions of Chinese play the game in which you have to applaud the Prime Minister To the XIX Congress of the Communist party of China Tencent released the game for mobile phones where players need to applaud the speech of President of China XI Jinping. Before you play the game, users are prompted to watch a 30-second excerpt from a three-hour speech of a national leader, and then tap the screen to make as many claps in 18 seconds. The result can be shared on social networks. As reported by Wired, in less than a day since the release of the game hooked 400 million players. To date, she played more than 2 billion times. Wired also quoted ROS Holmes, a specialist at Oxford University, studying cultural products of China: “XI Jinping now appears frequently in a variety of applications across all digital platforms and is presented as

Cards, kids, the Pelican: the story of the origin of the medical symbols

Cards, kids, the Pelican: the story of the origin of the medical symbols Reading heraldic symbols like a detective story with a dashingly twisted plot — if the author is talented, would never guess who the killer is. And in the case of symbols will never understand why a particular object is intended to represent any kind of activity. Of course, medical heraldry is also subject to these tough laws. And also implies a funny exception. Say, a true master of the detective genre can easily tell who the killer is, at the beginning of the work. A recognized master of detective Conan Doyle in “Notes about Sherlock Holmes” one of the stories called austere and tasteful “Silver”. At the end of the story it becomes clear that the stallion with this nickname and was the culprit of a mysterious murder of a trainer at the racetrack. The mouths of