The story of Putin about the mysterious collection of biological material went on memes

Vladimir Putin

The story of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin about certain forces, collecting biological material of Russian citizens that became a reason for jokes in the social networks.

“There is a question here is why do it? Do purposefully and professionally. We such is the object of very great interest”, — said the head of state at a meeting of the presidential Council on human rights. What he meant, and understood not all.

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30 October 2017, 15:02

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30 October 2017, 13:58

Someone voiced the Russian leader was certainly funny, but some decided to argue with him.

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30 October 2017, 15:01

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30 October 2017, 14:54

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30 October 2017, 15:03

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30 October 2017, 15:00

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30 October 2017, 14:59

Background: Putin complained at the mysterious collection of biological material all Russians