Disclosed statistics of suicides in Russia

The suicide rate in Russia is 16.5 cases per 100 thousand people. These data led the chief freelance psychiatrist of the Department of health of Moscow Georgy Kostyuk, reports RIA Novosti.

According to him, the less likely suicide lives in Moscow: in the capital recorded a 4-4. 5 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants. Kostyuk did not specify over what period the statistics are collected.

Also Kostyuk told about the statistics of children’s suicides: two cases per 100 thousand people in Moscow — 0,7, in the world — one case. Numbers of teenage suicides is higher to 11.5 per hundred thousand deaths in Russia, in Moscow — 4.3 case overall in the world and 7.4.

Kostiuk noted that, according to the who, over the past 30 years has significantly increased the number of suicides among children and adolescents. The doctor added that in 1990-e years, the rate of suicides of Russians accounted for 43 to 46 cases per 100 thousand people, he started to decline since 2001.