Prostitutes from Eastern Europe have fallen off the market sex-services in Liverpool

The massive influx of prostitutes from Eastern Europe to Britain and particularly in Liverpool led to the fall of prices for sex services. About it reports The Independent.

Some collaborators of the industry of sexual services now are forced to take over his job only four pounds (about 300 rubles). “I had to reduce prices in order to obtain something. I usually get up, dress up and then have sex with different men day after day,” said one of the prostitutes suffering from drug addiction.

Her boyfriend explained that the main competition to the local prostitutes are immigrants from Croatia and Serbia. “So they are fighting for this business,” he explained.

According to the newspaper, Liverpool is the second city in number of employees in the sex industry in the UK.

On 28 October it was reported about the dismissal of nine British sailors, who served on the nuclear submarine “Vidzhilent” (HMS Vigilant). They are suspected of organizing parties with drugs while the submarine was on a mission off the coast of the United States. In addition, one of them was accused of having sex with a prostitute in the pool.