Putin called Russia Today and Sputnik free media

American company Twitter decided to remove all advertising from accounts of the TV channel Russia Today and Sputnik, was the victim of a deep prejudice against the Russian media, said the Kremlin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov. His words to the correspondent “Tapes.ru” on Friday, October 27. “We regret in this regard. The company actually sets a precedent of unequal treatment of its customers, which can certainly cause alarm and concerns among other users of this network”, — said Peskov. Press Secretary of the President also expressed the hope that the company finds it necessary to understand in detail the situation. “The work of the free media, to which belong RT and Sputnik, could not be considered as interference in the electoral process”, — said Peskov. On the eve of the microblogging network has banned the accounts of the Russian broadcaster RT and news Agency Sputnik to post any sponsored posts. As

Abkhazia is ready to consider recognizing the independence of Catalonia

Abkhazia is ready to consider recognizing the independence of Catalonia MOSCOW, 27 Jun — RIA Novosti. Abkhazia is ready to consider recognizing the independence of Catalonia, if there is such a request, said Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Abkhazia Kan Taniya. “We are ready to consider the question of recognition of Catalonia as a independent state, but while about it to speak prematurely… there is still a number of legal acts that need to be fixed by the Catalan government, that they considered themselves an independent state. After that, if they come to us with a request for recognition, we are certainly ready to consider it,” said Tania RIA Novosti. According to him, Abkhazians “are interested in establishing bilateral relations with Catalan politicians and their leaders and with the people of Catalonia as a whole, but only if their side will be the same interest”. He also noted that

The state Department released a list of “prohibited business” Russian companies

The state Department released a list of “prohibited business” Russian companies In the published list of 33 Russian companies, including Rosoboronexport, the Kalashnikov, rostec, “MiG” and “Dry”. For doing business with the defendants in this list will face US sanctions. The US state Department published Friday a list of Russian companies doing business with which will face sanctions. The list coincides with that announced on the eve of The New York Times. In the list of 39 Russian companies of the group and the organization. Of enterprises of the defense sector it includes Rosoboronexport, Izhmash, Kalashnikov, rostec, “MiG”, “Sukhoi”, “Tupolev”, “Admiralty shipyards”, “Almaz-Antey”, Dolgoprudny research and production enterprise Federal scientific and production centre “Titan-Barricades”, “Helicopters of Russia”, concern “Sozvezdie”, United aircraft Corporation, United engine Corporation, United instrument manufacturing Corporation and United shipbuilding Corporation Uralvagonzavod and others.

The journalist “Echo of Moscow” Ksenia Larina will leave Russia because of the broadcast of Vladimir Solovyov

The journalist “Echo of Moscow” Ksenia Larina will leave Russia because of the broadcast of Vladimir Solovyov The journalist of “echo of Moscow” Ksenia Larina leave Russia. This was stated by the chief editor of the radio station Alexei Venediktov. “I made the decision to evacuate Ksenia Larina from the country. Other way to protect their journalists I do not have”, — said Mr. Venediktov on air of TV channel “Rain”. Chief editor of “echo of Moscow” explained that the decision to leave Russia’s Ksenia Larina was taken after the broadcast of Vladimir Solovyev on Vesti FM. “The next strike to the throat can be after this transfer of Solovyov,” said Mr Venediktov. He said that in the “Liberals, why are you lying?”, which goes to the “Vesti FM” Vladimir Solovyov told about the publication of Madam Larina in Facebook. The journalist posted a picture of the attacker Tatyana Felgengauer

Moscow explained sanctions against live pigs

Expanding the list of products under food embargo against the West in the Russian government explained the desire to close the grey import schemes of the sanctions. This was stated by Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, reports on Friday, October 27, TASS. “We have thus closed the gray supply channels, which were used for deliveries of some goods under the guise of others and caused damage to Russian manufacturers”, — has explained Dvorkovich. According to him, such schemes are typically used in the supply of offal meat and live pigs. At the same time to impose sanctions against purebred breeding pigs, the government did not, to preserve the possibility to create high-performing pig farms in Russia. Earlier on 27 October, Russia expanded sanctions against Western countries. The ban includes live pigs and pork from EU countries, USA, Canada and some other countries. Also the ban includes pork and poultry fat

Kiselev has advised the chief editor of “Echo of Moscow” to go to a psychiatrist instead of SK

Dmitry Kiselev Author and presenter of the program “Vesti of the week” on “Russia 1” Dmitry Kiselev recommended that the chief editor of “Echo of Moscow” Alexei Venediktov to make statements about the guilt of the Russian government attack on journalists of radio station psychiatrist. An opinion on Friday, October 27, Kiselyov stated RIA Novosti, a part of the holding “Russia today”, whose Director General he is. “I would advise Alexei Venediktov to refer not to the Investigatory Committee and to the psychiatrist because he had evident delusions of persecution symptoms like Boris grits” — leads the Agency of his word. Earlier on October 27 Venediktov said that he intends to pursue the interrogation of journalists VGTRK involved in the creation story “Echo of the state Department. Radio station “Echo of Moscow” got on the cooperation with Western NGOs”. In addition, he will indicate to the Investigating Committee (IC) on

In Peru the dead “breathed” in his grave and died again

In the Peruvian town of Tingo Maria during the ceremony of farewell to 24-year-old Mandujano Doroteo his relatives noticed that “late” continues to breathe. It is reported Los Andes. Attending the funeral immediately called the doctor, who confirmed that the man is showing signs of life. “Late” was immediately taken to a nearby hospital, where doctors again pronounced him dead. As explained by the doctors, the movement of the chest of the deceased was probably related to a reflex contraction of the muscles. May 21, 2001 in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo 70-year-old dead man came to life during the funeral service, and then died again. During worship, he suddenly grabbed the hand of his friend standing closest to the coffin. Relatives of the “deceased” called an ambulance. However, the nearest hospital sent a hearse, as there is this person already listed as dead. As a result, the resident

Ryabkov called US sanctions political arrogance bordering on dictatorship

Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergei Ryabkov © Stanislav Krasilnikov/TASS MOSCOW, October 27. /TASS/. The US intentionally mean to “hold hostage” the business of the company from all over the world, but Russia can minimize the impact of the us sanctions. This was stated on Friday by TASS Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Ryabkov.

How to spend Halloween: says Heidi Klum

How to spend Halloween: says Heidi Klum Supermodel Heidi Klum is recognized as the Queen of Halloween. For 18 years she surprises the party guests an unusual and difficult to execute in images, and its the fuse does not escape to this day. “They turn off the lights, the DJ goes home, the cleaning service is already here, and I’m like, “no, I don’t want the party to end!”, — laughs Klum. The model was shared with Esquire’s rules of holding a party on the occasion of Halloween. When is the party? In the Halloween night. And the only way. No matter what she may fall on Tuesday. True fans of Halloween celebrate it in this date. The next day, perhaps you will feel a little tired, but Halloween, like a birthday, only once a year, you know?Heidi Closepersonal What to wear to host the party? This year Heidi Klum