In Peru the dead “breathed” in his grave and died again

In the Peruvian town of Tingo Maria during the ceremony of farewell to 24-year-old Mandujano Doroteo his relatives noticed that “late” continues to breathe. It is reported Los Andes.

Attending the funeral immediately called the doctor, who confirmed that the man is showing signs of life. “Late” was immediately taken to a nearby hospital, where doctors again pronounced him dead.

As explained by the doctors, the movement of the chest of the deceased was probably related to a reflex contraction of the muscles.

May 21, 2001 in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo 70-year-old dead man came to life during the funeral service, and then died again. During worship, he suddenly grabbed the hand of his friend standing closest to the coffin. Relatives of the “deceased” called an ambulance. However, the nearest hospital sent a hearse, as there is this person already listed as dead. As a result, the resident of Sao Paulo died on the way to the hospital. After his re-burial service and buried.