How to spend Halloween: says Heidi Klum

How to spend Halloween: says Heidi Klum

Supermodel Heidi Klum is recognized as the Queen of Halloween. For 18 years she surprises the party guests an unusual and difficult to execute in images, and its the fuse does not escape to this day.

“They turn off the lights, the DJ goes home, the cleaning service is already here, and I’m like, “no, I don’t want the party to end!”, — laughs Klum.

The model was shared with Esquire’s rules of holding a party on the occasion of Halloween.

When is the party?

In the Halloween night. And the only way. No matter what she may fall on Tuesday.

True fans of Halloween celebrate it in this date. The next day, perhaps you will feel a little tired, but Halloween, like a birthday, only once a year, you know?Heidi Closepersonal

What to wear to host the party?

This year Heidi Klum made a “terrible” outfit, and it will need several rehearsals to hone your output. You so much effort to anything, but still try to plan everything in advance. Klum advises to dig at a flea market or in the closet. There is a good chance that’s where you will discover something unexpected.

People are fun to look at different outfits – don’t always have to transform into a sexy nurse or police officer. You really need to get in their way, it gives confidence.Heidi Closepersonal

What to wear guests?

Klum still remembers how a few years ago one of the guests came to her party dressed like a mattress, “He literally “wore” Royal mattress: he pulled out a big part of the stuffing and shoved himself inside. Only his head sticking out, the tips of the fingers and feet. It was a very decisive way.”