Kiselev has advised the chief editor of “Echo of Moscow” to go to a psychiatrist instead of SK

Dmitry Kiselev

Author and presenter of the program “Vesti of the week” on “Russia 1” Dmitry Kiselev recommended that the chief editor of “Echo of Moscow” Alexei Venediktov to make statements about the guilt of the Russian government attack on journalists of radio station psychiatrist. An opinion on Friday, October 27, Kiselyov stated RIA Novosti, a part of the holding “Russia today”, whose Director General he is.

“I would advise Alexei Venediktov to refer not to the Investigatory Committee and to the psychiatrist because he had evident delusions of persecution symptoms like Boris grits” — leads the Agency of his word.

Earlier on October 27 Venediktov said that he intends to pursue the interrogation of journalists VGTRK involved in the creation story “Echo of the state Department. Radio station “Echo of Moscow” got on the cooperation with Western NGOs”. In addition, he will indicate to the Investigating Committee (IC) on the airwaves of Vladimir Solovyov, which discussed the recording in a Facebook employee “Echo” Ksenia Larina. Both esters can incite attack on the journalists of its radio station, says Venediktov.

After the broadcast Solovyev on Vesti FM radio station, where Larin called “Frank the bastard”, chief editor of “Echo” for fear of attacks on the lead, decided the time to “evacuate” her to another country.

Larin discussed in the air of “Vesti FM” on 24 October, the day after the attack on her colleague “echo” Tatyana Felgengauer. Transmission part, devoted to her posts in Facebook called “Liberals, why are you lying?”. In particular, reference was made to the nominated journalistic accusations against Solovyov, who supposedly “really wanted” to have committed the crime. The moderator noted that before him no one apologized, and accused the journalists of “Echo” in the persecution.

The attack on the Ukraine occurred on October 23. To the editor snuck a man armed with a knife. Blinding the guard with pepper spray, he found a journalist and slashed her throat. The attackers turned out to be an Israeli citizen Boris grits, he stated that he was subjected to Intrusive sexual harassment by leading through telepathy. The man was charged and was appointed forensic psychiatric examination.

Background: the chief editor of “Echo of Moscow” will require interrogation of journalists VGTRK and the response from Solovyov