In the Pacific saved the drifting company five months girls

American landing ship “Ashland” picked up two women in the city of Honolulu and their two dogs, who were almost six months on the boat with a broken motor 900 miles from Japan, according to ABC News.

Jennifer Appel and Tasha Fuaba decided to go on an independent journey from Hawaii to Tahiti in may. During a storm the yacht broke down engine, and a strong wind carried the ship into the open ocean. Numerous signal does not reach the coast and nearby long there aren’t any ships.

Only five months later, on the horizon a U.S. military ship, whose crew came to the rescue.
According to Appel and Foiba, from starvation saved their stocks of cereals and pasta.

In may the authorities of Solomon Islands reported that it had rescued 15 people, more than a month drifting in the Pacific ocean on a motor boat. From starvation the people were saved by the rind of plants betel. One woman did not wait for assistance and died from dehydration.