The Syrian army seized the stronghold of ISIS in Deir ezzor

The Syrian army captured the island Sakr, reports Telegram-channel Directorat 4. The militants banned the “Islamic state” retreated from the area.

In the battle for the island last week killed General Issam Zahreddin.

Earlier it was reported that the promotion of the Syrian military in Deir ez-Zor was complicated because of Sakr island, where the militants have created a lot of fortifications.

To the fortifications for some time could not handle even the artillery and aviation. In addition, the sweep of the island from jihadists are preventing it laid mines and bombs.

The siege of Deir ez-Zor, which lasted more than three years, were removed in early September. From the moment the Syrian army and allied forces are cleansing the city from terrorists.

Background: the Citadel IG inhibited the progress of the Syrian army in Deir ez-Zor