The Malawians have taken to kill a “vampire” and landed in jail

Police in Malawi (East Africa) was arrested 124 suspects in the persecution and murder of “vampire”. About it reports the local edition of Face of Malawi.

In mid-September, the country began to spread rumors about the other bloodsucker. First, in a local hospital a woman came, who said that she was bitten by a vampire. Subsequently, with the same concerns, the clinic contacted a few people.

According to doctors, the analysis showed that patients do not have “vampirism”. Exactly how the study was conducted, the doctors, however, did not elaborate.

Despite the test results, in Malawi, started a hunt for “vampire”. For a month local residents killed eight people suspected of their “vampirism”, notes RIA Novosti.

Last week, the UN evacuated from two southern districts of Malawi of its employees.