The accidental discovery disproved ideas about the casualties in the wars in the Crimea

The accidental discovery disproved ideas about the casualties in the wars in the Crimea

In Crimea, found a mass grave of Russian soldiers, presumably during the Russo-Turkish war of 1768-1774. Historians already called it a unique find.

Previously it was thought that for six years one of the most important Russian-Turkish war for Crimea in different regions of the Peninsula has lost 550 of our military. However, the Perekop discovered the remains of at least 681 soldiers and officers who died, most likely in one battle. The TASS correspondent learned the details from search engines and archaeologists.

Boots in the basement

Found the remains of leather boots when digging a basement in the suburban area under the Armenian city in the North of Crimea has caused an unexpected sensation, told the correspondent of TASS, the head of search group “Memory Perekop” Dmitry Kosyakin.

One of the locals told us that in digging a cellar, found in the ground the remains of leather boots. Immediately called us, knowing that we engaged in search of work in places where before the battles were fought.Dmitry Kotakinabalu of search group “Memory of Perekop”

The basement of his friend decided to dig on the site in a deserted dacha cooperative near the famous Turkish or Perekop shaft, which once blocked the path of invaders to the Peninsula. Fierce battles were fought there since the times of the Scythians and ancient Greeks.

The head of the search party says that at first thought it was the remains of a German or Soviet soldiers of the great Patriotic war. Was conducted in pits in the ground to a depth of one meter.

“Lifting to the surface a few finds — button items of ammunition, we understand that this burial refers to the great Patriotic war. It is not German or Soviet, and belongs to the earlier period,” says Kosyakin.

For advice, search engines turned to the experts at the Central Museum of Tauris, which suggested that the findings relate to the Russo-Turkish war of 1768-1774, during which the troops of Prince Vasily Dolgorukov occupy the Crimea.

The excavations lasted for about two and a half months. The surface was raised remains and numerous artifacts, including coins, bullets, a sword, remnants of uniforms, tubes, rings, buttons, wooden casket.

The burial was most likely made in a hurry, because the dead simply were dumped in pits along and soldiers and officers. The head of the search engines believes that buried, most likely, the enemy soldiers or the local population.

“The archives say that the Tatars and the Turks tore down the crosses with Russian fighters that did not get to his God. It is a belief. Therefore, in the burial of baptismal crosses and icons almost there” — suggests Dmitry Kosyakin.