North Korea said about the game trump “nuclear football”

Donald Trump

The representative of the Department of North America of the foreign Ministry of North Korea We hake Zen said that the President of the United States Donald trump is playing the “nuclear football.” On Friday, October 20, reports RIA Novosti.

“He [trump] has in its possession thousands of atomic bombs, and he has the power to destroy the entire world today,” said North Korean diplomat, speaking at the Moscow nonproliferation conference. According to him, the “nuclear triad the United States has always aimed at North Korea”.

“I want to emphasize that if the country enters into a multilateral Treaty or does not enter into it, it is a sovereign thing — We added a heck of Zen. — The Treaty on the comprehensive nuclear-test ban has not yet entered into force, but some have criticized those States that have conducted hundreds of nuclear tests, and many, many criticize my country. This is unfair and is a clear manifestation of double standards”.

The conference is being held in Moscow against the background of statements of the administration of Donald trump about the possibility of withdrawal from the agreement on Iran’s nuclear program and the deterioration of the situation on the Korean Peninsula.