USA vs. Japan: the first in the world to battle huge battle humanoid robots

USA vs. Japan: the first in the world to battle huge battle humanoid robots

Last night live, there was a battle manned American Eagle Prime robot from the company Megabots and Japanese robot Kuratas from Suidobashi Heavy Industry. For the duel giant fighting machines can be seen in streams on Twitch and YouTube. The winner of the judges recognized the American robot which was able to fatally damage the right hand “Japanese”.

The battle was prepared two years

Preparations for the duel began in 2015, when the Americans caused the Japanese to fight. Initially it was assumed that the robots will just shoot each other with special balls, but the Japanese insisted on the melee. Two years were spent on the search of money and weapons modernization robots.

As it was

In the final round of the battle, under the continuous fire of the Japanese robot, the Americans, hiding behind makeshift shield, was able to get close enough to the enemy. Eagle Prime almost sawed off with a chain saw the right hand a Japanese robot, which was equipped with basic weapons. Also, the battle you can see in the video:

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Next battle: USA vs China

The next round of fighting huge robots can take place between the Megabots team and the Chinese company Greatmetal. The Chinese are developing a manned combat robot Monkey King that can walk on four legs for better stability, able to fully stand up on your feet and to use as a weapon a giant stick.