Kuznetsova spoke out against punishment for teachers and parents of children protesters

Anna Kuznetsova

Ombudsman for children under the President of Russia Anna Kuznetsova called hard to enforce a proposal to punish parents and educational institutions for youth participation in unauthorized rallies. On Tuesday, October 17, reports RIA Novosti.

Kuznetsova stated that children and adolescents should be given a possibility to constructively Express their opinions, but to defend against those who try to manipulate them to their advantage. Thus, the Ombudsman responded to the invitation of the chief of the Main Directorate for combating extremism (Center “e”), the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia Timur Valiulina to introduce responsibility for teachers and parents for the participation of children in rallies.

“Young people are generally active, she is able to Express their opinion, wants to Express their opinion, and, of course, you need to do to create all conditions, to be able to constructively talk about something. I believe that to protect young people is necessary primarily from the manipulation of their consciousness, their desire to Express themselves. The best way to do this is to create the conditions to Express constructive positions,” Kuznetsova said.

The children’s Ombudsman added that Russia’s participation in the different actions governed by the rule of law.

Earlier Valiulin stated the need to amend the legislation, “the responsibility has increased not only in relation to children who do not know what is coming”. He noted that the number of juveniles participating in protest rallies is growing.