The elephant was trampled by four refugees-Rohingya in Myanmar

Wild elephant ran out from the jungle, trampled four people in the tent camp of refugees-Rohingya, located near the border of Bangladesh and Myanmar. The incident was reported by the portal Bd24.

Two of the victims died on the spot and other died in hospital. According to police, the victims were a woman and three minors.

About a month ago in the camp there was a similar case. Then two persons were lost.

Rohingya ethnic minority, compactly living in the territory of Myanmar’s Rakhine state. According to the UN, they are one of the most oppressed peoples in the world. After sectarian clashes in 2012, about 120 thousand Azerbaijanis were expelled from their homes and forced to settle in spontaneous camps.

Rohingya have been denied citizenship, they do not have access to medical care and is restricted in movement in the country. Rohingya claim that they are discriminated because of religion: they are Muslim, and the majority of people of Myanmar are Buddhists.