To Russia with love: Moscow, opened the world festival of youth and students

To Russia with love: Moscow, opened the world festival of youth and students

MOSCOW, October 14 — RIA Novosti, Yekaterina Kovanova. Despite the vagaries of the weather, large-scale carnival parade takes place on Saturday in the centre of the Russian capital: in a festive procession along the quays of Moscow, dedicated to the opening of the XIX world festival of youth and students, involving more than 30 thousand Russian students and 450 delegates from all over the world.

Nature has no bad weather

As the correspondent of RIA Novosti, daylong rain did not spoil the mood of the carnival participants, the inclement weather did not prevent the movement of the impressive installations, dedicated to the parade of the world festival of youth and students in 1957 and 1985. The procession is imbued with an atmosphere of friendship and unity, colorful costumes, joyful smiles, mnogogolovy the different languages of the world and national music create the mood of this carnival.

Opens March column of the official delegations of countries-participants of the festival.

Original bar colorful and large-scale event — the decision of the organizers to include the distinctive carnival traditions in the world. So, in a festive procession along the quays of Moscow occur multicolor, diverse and unique customs of the peoples among whom the experience of the Venice (Italy), Cologne (Germany), Chinese and Brazilian carnivals, as well as the Dutch Tulip festival (Netherlands), the festival of cherry blossom (Japan), Mardi Gras (New Orleans, USA) and beloved by the Russians carnival of colours Holi (India).

Closes a majestic, three-dimensional, multi-colored column band from Russia.

To Russia with love: the participants of the festival about the festival

During the festival, a RIA Novosti correspondent talked to some foreign students told about their feelings on the holiday and what they think about Russia and Moscow. “I’m happy to be here. This is a beautiful and great action, so many people and I am very happy”, — said the participant of the festival from Korea. She noted that this is her first visit to Moscow and that she likes this town.

A student from Mexico said that he came specifically to the festival. “The parade is really beautiful. Students gathered in Moscow today, really happy to be here,” he said, adding that Moscow is a large and majestic city. “Moscow is a great city, really big city. I think a great place to host world Cup football. I really are in a joyful mood in this city,” he told RIA Novosti, noting that he wants to return again to Moscow for the 2018 world Cup.

The Jordanians said he was impressed by the festival, they like Russian culture. “I like the culture, met a lot of people from all over the world,” said one of the students. The participants of the festival from Spain and was in a great mood, the girls sang one of today’s popular hits — a song of Luis Forsey and paddy Yankees Despacitо and dancing.