Coalition of the United States denied the information about the complete liberation of the Syrian Raqqa

At the headquarters of the international antiterrorist coalition led by the United States, refuted earlier in the media information about the complete liberation of the Syrian city of raqqa. On Saturday, October 14, according to Reuters.

As stated by the representative of the coalition Ryan Dillon (Ryan Dillon), for the last day about 100 were in raqqa militants of the terrorist organization “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia), surrendered their weapons and were evacuated from the city, but soon the battle with the terrorists will continue.

“We expect heavy fighting in the coming days and while not call the exact timing, which, in our opinion, the IG will suffer a complete defeat,” said Dillon.

His words were confirmed by representatives of the Syrian Kurds. “In raqqa, the fighting continued. ISIS on the verge of defeat. Today or tomorrow the city could be released,” — said Reuters the representative of the Kurdish people’s protection Units (YPG) Nuri Mahmoud.

According to the Telegram-channel 4 Directorate responsible for monitoring activities of terrorists, by night a US air force aircraft attacked the city blows, but by morning, the skies over Raqqa were only reconnaissance drones.

Thus armed militants, their families and civilians remain in the city, said Directorate 4. Currently in Raqqa profit dozens of trucks and buses from the area of Rapaka who will have to take out all agreed to leave the city. It is noted that the number of jihadists from CIS countries, mainly from Uzbekistan, refused to leave Raqqa.

Earlier Al Arabiya television channel reported that the Syrian city of raqqa, considered the main stronghold of ISIS, completely liberated from the insurgents. Channel sources said that the remaining terrorists decided to surrender to the fighters of the “Syrian democratic forces” (SDS, SDF).

About the beginning of the final siege of SDS announced on 8 October. The leadership of the organization claimed that the Islamists took hostage civilians and cover them as human shields. The attack was also hampered by snipers, which were aimed fire from cover at the attackers. On 1 September it was reported that the soldiers of the SDS was released from the militants of the historic centre of Raqqa. The storming of the village is from June.

Terrorists seized Raqqa in 2013, since it was considered the unofficial capital of the “Islamic state”. The liberation of this city is one of the main goals of the international antiterrorist coalition headed by USA, the leading military operations against extremists in Iraq and Syria.