A resident of Tatarstan fired at the police, took hostages and fled in a dress

Earlier judged inhabitant of Tatarstan Ildar Kadyrov, initially suspected of arson of the car, added to brought against him the case has a few articles. Not wanting to give up law enforcement, he fired at the police, kidnapped two seniors, so they took him to Kazan, but halfway changed his mind and decided to abscond on a bike in a dress. On Friday, October 13, the press service of the regional Department of the Investigative Committee.

The man is under arrest. Criminal case with the approved indictment was sent to court for consideration in essence.

Kadyrov is accused of illegal acquisition, storage, transportation and carrying of firearms, its basic parts, ammunition, encroachment on the life of a law enforcement officer, kidnapping, theft (under articles 222, 317, 126, 158 of the Russian criminal code, respectively). From testimony the accused refused, citing article 51 of the Constitution, which exempt from the obligation to testify against himself.

According to investigators, in may 2017 into the burning car on street in Kazan criminal case. The suspect was a 59-year-old Kadyrov. To his residence in Vysokogorsky district left five employees of the Kazan police. The man was home. He locked the door from the outside to the padlock.

“Realizing that in the course of the search he would have found illegally stored two Makarov pistol and ammunition, the defendant decided to deal with the police. He gave police through the window keys to the house and waited for the door to open, began to shoot at them with pistols. The police had to leave the line of fire, and Kadyrov jumped over the fence and firing, ran,” — said in the message.

Wounded in the leg the attacker away from his pursuers and saw a couple of pensioners, put in the garden potatoes. At gunpoint, he forced them to sit in their car and take him to Kazan. On the way he jumped out of the cabin. On one of the sites recidivist dressed in women’s clothes and stole a Bicycle, on which he reached the garden partnership “Kinderi”, where he was detained the next day.