“I do not. I need help”. Harvey Weinstein turned to the paparazzi

“I do not. I need help”. Harvey Weinstein turned to the paparazzi

Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein on Wednesday, October 11, left his home in Los Angeles and turned to the paparazzi who had gathered on the street.

Getting into the car, Weinstein said that “unable to cope” and that he needs help.

He said he now found himself in a difficult situation, and deserves a “second chance”. He also said that he always was nice to the paparazzi unlike “fucking bastards, who treat you like shit”. TMZ, which published the appeal of Weinstein to the paparazzi, suggests that the producer may have in mind Hollywood celebrities.

A few hours before shooting this video the daughter of Remy Weinstein called 911 and said that her father thinks of suicide and is depressed. Subsequently to her house, where himself was Weinstein, the police arrived.

In October 2017, the newspaper The New York Times published an investigation about harassment by Harvey Weinstein to many Actresses with whom he worked. Among the victims from the influential producer was Asia Argento, Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie and many others. Harvey Weinstein was fired from the company he founded after allegations of harassment. His wife Georgina Chapman said that breaking up with him. Weinstein also deprived of membership in the British Academy BAFTA. Soon after it became widely known about the harassment, Weinstein wrote a letter to the Hollywood top managers with a request to give him a second chance and ask for the Weinstein Company not to dismiss him. Weinstein promised that it will take a course of psychotherapy and corrected.