Forecasters predict cold and rains almost throughout Russia

Forecasters predict cold and rains almost throughout Russia

In Crimea completed the autumn season, and on the Yamal Peninsula are preparing to close the ferry.

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MOSCOW, October 12. /TASS/. The national weather most regions of Russia the forecast deterioration in the weather on 12-13 October. The air temperature is in fact equal to the Central district and the North Caucasus. On the large territory of the Ural sustained freezing night, and the Crimea to the end of the week will cover cold atmospheric front Atlantic cyclone.

Rains in Central Russia

On the territory of almost whole Central Federal district, according to weather forecasters, will be small and moderate rains. Wind South-Western 7-12 m / s, in the Belgorod, Bryansk, Voronezh, Lipetsk, Tambov areas, gusts could reach 15-17 m / s Prevailing air temperature at night will be a plus 2-8 degrees, in the afternoon — from 5 to 14 degrees Celsius.

Cloudy weather on 12 October will take place in Smolensk region. According to the regional weather service, weather now defines “the South-Western periphery formed of a wave cyclone on the basis of a cyclonic depression, whose center will be displaced from the South of Norway in the South-Eastern direction.”

In the night of Friday in the Smolensk region in places is expected rain, but by evening with the passage of an atmospheric front rains will be everywhere and the most intense rain will be in the West region. Major fluctuations of temperature in the region is not marked, the night will be 4-8 degrees Celsius during the day from 7 to 10 with the sign “plus”.

In the Tula and Orel regions the weather center predicts heavy rain, night southern wind, day — South – West of 5-10 meters per second, the air warms up in the daytime maximum to plus of 11 degrees.

The same temperature in the coming days is expected in the Kursk region. According to the regional hydrometeorological center, the average temperature drops by one degree and set at 10-11 degrees Celsius. At night the thermometer column will show to + 8, in some areas, forecasters predict heavy rains.

Cold in the North Caucasus

The temperature background in the territory of the North Caucasus will not be much different from that of the Central Federal district. Thus, according to Republican control of MOE, October 12 in the coastal areas of Dagestan cloudy weather, light rain in places.

Wind West, North-West, in the afternoon, Eastern, South-Eastern 7-12 m / s. night Temperature 7-12 degrees, in the afternoon — to plus of 18 degrees.

In the foothill and mountain areas of the Republic will pass rains with snow, the temperature at night will drop to minus 1 degree, but the day still warm from 11 to 16 degrees with the sign “plus”. But even with these weather conditions, emergencies Ministry units do not cancel the state of emergency and high fire danger class 5.