American diplomats in Cuba traumatized high frequency crickets

“Acoustic attack” reported U.S. diplomats in Cuba, consisted of the sounds of more than 20 frequencies. On it informs Agency Associated Press, which received the corresponding audio recording.

Journalists described the sounds as “high frequency sound of crickets combined with scratching nails down a chalkboard”. The Agency said that the record was sent for analysis in the laboratory of the Navy of the United States, but experts failed to understand how she is hurting diplomats.

Some of the incidents on Cuba, which affected the staff of the American diplomatic mission and their families, it became known in August. Diplomats complained of symptoms such as hearing loss, nausea, headaches and balance disorders. The state Department said that “incidents” began to occur starting from the end of 2016.

Washington therefore recalled Havana on international obligations to protect diplomats, but the Cuban government involvement denied. In addition, it was reported that in Cuba due to the unknown impacts have hit at least five families of canadian diplomats. Havana denies any involvement in these attacks.

After that the administration trump ordered to send from the Embassy of Cuba in Washington on 15 diplomats from the inability of Havana to take appropriate measures to protect American personnel.