The role of Nicholas II refused to attend the premiere of “Matilda”

The role of Nicholas II refused to attend the premiere of “Matilda”

Lars Eidinger, who played Prince Nicholas, he feared for his life and will not come to the premiere of the movie “Matilda” in Russia. Criticism of the paintings he considers “irrational and unjustified”.

German actor Lars Eidinger, who played the crown Prince Nicholas in the film by Alexei Uchitel “Matilda”, said that he would not go to Russia for the premiere of the picture. He stated this in an interview with DPA. The text of the interview is on the website of the German magazine Focus.

To the question whether he plans to go to Moscow for the premiere of “Matilda,” the actor said, “No. I’m afraid that I will hurt or attack me.” Eidinger said that in Russia already there were attempts of attacks on the Director of the film Alexey Uchitel. He cited the example of the case when the unknown threw a bottle with incendiary mixture to the Studio Director in Saint-Petersburg.

I’m concerned about these incidents and are afraid to take risks.Lars Eidinger

The actor also admitted that he was surprised by the criticism, which sounds in relation to the film. “We’re not expected,” — he stressed. “First of all, we wanted to make a film about Nicholas II, to pay tribute to his personality and not compromise it. We did not want to provoke and offend,” added the actor.

Answering the question whether the reported threats to him personally, the actor replied in the negative.