Akunin finished the last book about Fandorin. Galina Yuzefovich is about how the legendary detective has managed to become the only national hero of post-Soviet literature

Akunin finished the last book about Fandorin. Galina Yuzefovich is about how the legendary detective has managed to become the only national hero of post-Soviet literature

The writer Grigory Chkhartishvili (aka Boris Akunin) on 9 October announced on his Facebook that he finished the last book about Erast Fandorin. The novel will be released February 8, 2018: that is the last volume in the series (the name is still secret) will be in stores in exactly 20 years after the first. Literary critic of “Medusa” Galina Yuzefovich tells how Fandorin managed to become the only truly national hero in post-Soviet literature.

The number of people wishing to speak on the topic “Fandorin in my life”, measured in the thousands, and it is very symptomatic: great Erast Petrovich, a blue-eyed brunette with grey temples, a stutterer, lucky and “noble man” without fear and reproach, was the only real hero in the 25 years of its existence managed to produce post-Soviet literature. Rare is the person over 30 years old, born and living in our country, has no history of difficult relationship with the hero of Boris Akunin’s first love, the gradual cooling, the dramatic tears, bitter disappointments and passionate reconciliations. In fact, Erast Fandorin is not just successfully invented the detective of the commercially successful series of detective stories, but one of the notorious braces that provide cultural, spiritual and generational unity better than any “traditional values” and “morals”.

As befits a true hero of his time, Fandorin appeared on national bookstore Olympus incognito, and the world knew him not — or rather, know, but not immediately.

The first four novels of B. Akunin (the initial “B” became “Boris” not at once) — “Azazel”, “Turkish gambit”, “Leviathan” and “Death of Achilles” — combined into two volumes, nearly a year gathering dust in the bookstores on the most distant shelves, unnoticed. It seemed that this exotic flower is a graceful game retrodirective written unusually good and complex Russian language, has no chance against the brawny, brutal and linear detective fiction in the spirit of the then popular book series about “Mad”, “Blind” and “Gangster Petersburg”.

However, in the late autumn of 1998 somehow survived the default of Russia rushed to read books Akunin with incredible heat (it is pleasant to note that in their original success the important role played by literary criticism, or rather, specifically columnist for the “Today” Vyacheslav Kuritsyn, the first gastrobiopsii Akunin praise).

Further — perhaps down to “the Diamond chariot” — the domestic reader lasted sweet and in no way marred honeymoon with Erast Petrovich.

We enjoy guessing who is hiding under the pseudonym of “Akunin” (the truth was revealed shortly after the release of a collection of stories “Special order” in which the author introduced as a minor heroine of the “Georgian Princess Chkhartishvili”), speculated about the further development of the plot and was waiting for the writer to new heights in different fields. And professionals with respect, predicted the publisher Igor Zakharov, speaking as a producer and even co-author Boris Akunin, has a great future.

NewsAkunin finished the last novel about Erast Fandorin

Neither that, nor another is not true. None of the subsequently created Akunin’s texts could not even come close to the books about Fandorin nor in popularity, nor public value. Zakharov and invented the concept of “production of literature” in which the publisher generates the query, and the writer executes it, quietly died after years of fruitless efforts. However, this in no small measure invalidates “fandorine” — on the contrary, emphasizes its uniqueness and importance.