Men exceeded women in selfishness

Men exceeded women in selfishness

An international group of scientists from Switzerland, the Netherlands and Germany found that women less selfish than men. The results of neuroimaging revealed that the reward system in the brain of the fairer sex are more active when they share money with other people.

The study is published in the journal Nature of Human Behaviour.

It is believed that women are more altruistic than men. Some specialists suggests that the distinction really is and women’s prosocial behavior due to increased activity of certain neural structures in the brain. Others attribute this to gender stereotyping. However, if the difference really exists, men and women have different work remuneration system.

The reward system helps to perpetuate the behavior with pleasures. A leading role in this process plays the factor of internal reinforcement — the neurotransmitter dopamine. It is produced in large quantities not only in sex, eating delicious food and other positive subjective point of view of experience, but also when the person shows altruism towards other people.