Pujdeme signed a Declaration on the independence of Catalonia

Carles Pujdeme

Catalan leader Carles Pujdeme and policies that support the region’s independence, signed the Declaration, reports Reuters.

“We call upon all States and international organizations to recognize the Catalan Republic as an independent and sovereign state. We urge the Catalan government to take all necessary measures to ensure the full potential and effectiveness of the Declaration of independence and of the measures contained in the law on the transition period, establishing the Republic”, — the document says.

Earlier on Tuesday, October 10, Putteman urged Parliament to leave open the possibility for negotiations with Madrid. “The referendum results are a mandate of the people to ensure that Catalonia became an independent state in the form of Republic. Propose to Parliament to suspend the adoption of the Declaration of independence to the possibility of further dialogue,” he said.

Deputy Prime Minister of Spain Soraya Saenz de Santamaria, commenting on the actions of the Catalan authorities stated that Pujdeme must return to the path of right, if he wants negotiations. Wednesday, October 11, the Spanish government will hold a meeting to decide on their further actions.

A referendum on Catalan independence took place on 1 October, more than 90 percent of those who voted for secession of the region from Spain. The Central government tried to prevent the referendum, including power methods. Suffered 893 people. The Madrid outcomes the will recognizes and considers his results null and void.