Three cars collided in the Amur region

One person was killed and two received injuries of varying severity in a traffic accident involving three vehicles, occurred in the Amur region. On Monday, October 9, according to the regional Department of the MIA.

The accident occurred at 11:45 local time (5:45 GMT) in the Tambov district of the region. The participants were the Toyota Harrier, Nissan Cefiro and KAMAZ-55102. Investigative team works at the site of emergency and investigate the cause and circumstances of the incident.

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Photos and videos taken by witnesses at the scene posted on the page dtpgram_blg in Instagram. It is reported that the culprit of the accident was the driver of the Toyota Harrier, which went into the oncoming lane and crashed into a truck. According to users, a man was killed in 1951 (in which machines it was, is not specified), the driver of KAMAZ broken legs.

Video: dtpgram_blg / Instagram