A criminal case against the police who witnessed the murder of a powerlifter in Khabarovsk

A criminal case against the police who witnessed the murder of a powerlifter in Khabarovsk

Moscow. 9 Oct. INTERFAX.RU a Consequence opened a criminal case against the former police officer who was present at a fight of world and European champion in powerlifting Andrey Drachev with Anar Allahveranov in Khabarovsk. He urged the soldiers of Regardie not to interfere.

As reported in the SU IC of Russia in the Khabarovsk Krai, the defendant in the case was 27-year-old former police patrol service of police of UMVD of Russia across Khabarovsk. He is charged with part 3 of article 285 of the criminal code (abuse of power).

The police officer, who was drunk, saw a fight, but seeing the violation of public order, has not prevented what is happening and not detained Allahveranov. This became known from the interrogation of eyewitnesses.

The investigation indicates that the police was inactive as an official of misguided sense of loyalty.

“Moreover, upon arrival at the scene the dress of employees of National guard troops at the moment when the victim was still alive and there was a real opportunity to disrupt and prevent his murder, the police began to persuade them not to take any responses to A. Allahveranov”, — stated in the message.

Police officer dismissed from the internal Affairs bodies.

A well-known powerlifter Drachev was killed in a fight with one of the city’s cafes in Khabarovsk on the morning of 20 August. The athlete died from a traumatic brain injury. Murder suspect — a native of Amursk Anar of allahveranov, — fled, but later surrendered to the police. Currently, he is arrested.

The investigative Committee opened not only a criminal case in connection with the death Drachev, but also case under article “negligence” against two employees of Regardie that did not prevent the incident.