The Russians will be obliged to charge to register cats and dogs

In Russia will introduce a procedure to pay for registration of all domestic cats and dogs. This was told RIA Novosti the Chairman of the Duma Committee on ecology and environmental protection Vladimir Panov.

“I can’t even tell what kind of numbers are we talking about” — said the Deputy.

The government, he said, is finalizing the regulatory document stipulating the rules of registration and identification of Pets. The legal basis for this innovation is adopted in 2015, the law On veterinary medicine, involving the creation of system of registration of cats and dogs.

Gentry stressed that the mandatory registration of Pets, animal rights activists insist, as the current situation “creates an opportunity for unscrupulous owners to abandon their animals, and secondly, to evade responsibility in the case that this animal has committed any damage to property or health of other citizens”.

The procedure of chipping animals will also reinforce the normative, but only on a voluntary basis.

To introduce registration of animal will be, according to Panov, gradually. Declare a transitional period.

To the state Duma the draft law on responsible treatment of animals, second reading which was moved to the fall session. This paper proposed the Ministry of natural resources, establishes the basic concepts and principles of the legal regulation in this sphere.

The bill also seeks to combat cruelty to animals and suggests strengthening of control over the possession of home, office, circus animals and Pets zoos. The document establishes a ban on the destruction of stray animals. The tightening procedure of its adoption caused a wave of protest in the animal protection environment.