Putin replaced the Governor of the Omsk region

Viktor Nazarov

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin accepted resignation of the Governor of Omsk region Viktor Nazarov and appointed acting head of the region Deputy of the state Duma Alexander Burkov. On Monday, October 9, reported on the Kremlin website.

“To appoint Alexander Leonidovich Burkov, acting Governor of the Omsk region until the entry into office of a person elected the Governor of the Omsk region”, — stated in the text of the decree. The decree comes into force from the date of signing.

The Deputy of the state Duma of the seventh convocation Burkov is a member of the party “Fair Russia”.

Nazarov announced his resignation on 2 October, during hardware meeting in the regional government. The head of the region said goodbye to subordinates, adding that Moscow will be fired during the week.

30 September, a source in the presidential administration said that the decision was taken early retirement Nazarov. At the same time press Secretary of the Governor Julia Sokolenko has informed, the head of the region is in normal mode.

Earlier changes have affected, among others, the Krasnoyarsk and Primorsky Krai, Orel, Novosibirsk, Samara and Nizhny Novgorod oblast and Nenets Autonomous Okrug.