Teachers “school League” defended the accused of corrupting graduates colleagues

Sergey Bebchuk

Teachers “school League” defended the former Director of the educational institution Sergey Bebchuk and his Deputy Nicholas Izyumova who were accused of sexual harassment to the female students. According to the teachers, the investigators found no evidence of their guilt and grounds for criminal prosecution. This is stated in an open letter to teachers, published on the website of “Echo of Moscow”. The document was signed by 19 people.

The text says that the Investigative Committee initiated a check on the day following the publication of the material in the media about sexual harassment of Bebchuk and Izyumova to the graduates. It lasted eight months, were interviewed about a hundred witnesses. As a result, the initiation of proceedings was denied four times, and four times this refusal was annulled, and the case was replaced by the team of investigators.

“Finally, last week issued a ruling on refusal to initiate a case. Evidence that told in the article “jellyfish” — but prosecutors were not provided. As can be seen from the investigation findings, their testimony did not agree to make ends meet, they contradict established facts and the testimony of other witnesses. Called S. A. Bebchuk and N. M. Izyumova criminals are unable to prove their accusations with facts,” the letter says.

The document stated that despite the test results, “public verdict was in the first hours of the scandal”, and the Director and his Deputy “has declared criminals”. Teachers want to fix this “tragic injustice” and to restore the reputation of the school.

23 January 2017 edition of “Medusa” published an investigation of sexual harassment teachers to the students of Moscow educational institutions “League of schools”. The text formed the stories of graduates and former employees of the school.

The article claimed that Sergei Bebchuk and Nikolai Izyumov for 25 years being sexually abused Schoolgirls. According to interlocutors of the edition, “the teachers got the girls in the sleeping bag, hugged, kissed, stripped, sweat together with them in the bath.” It was also alleged that several times “it came to sex.”

After the publication of the former Deputy Director Izyumov said his slandered any sexual crimes he did not commit.

In 2015, the “League of schools” was reorganized and ceased to exist.