In Khabarovsk Krai drunken armed men two weeks kept the village under siege

Unknown in the form of the inspectors of the Agency a few weeks kept a blockade of the village of ARKA in the Khabarovsk territory, cutting off the only land route to Okhotsk. The men were aggressive and demanded examination of things of citizens, told the radio station “Moscow speaking” on Monday, October 9, the head of the administration of ARKA rural settlement Sergey Mikhailov.

“The people were in a drunken state. Apparently, they messed up the scene of hostilities with the settlements. The crossing is stable. More such incidents were not. And these guys investigating authorities was taken away,” he said.

The official radio station said that he did not know whether the detainees were really employees of the Agency.

September 30, the Fifth channel has reported, the blockade of drunk people crossing from the village is situated in the Okhotsk — district centre where there are hospitals, shopping centres and the airport. The footage that sent the witnesses, was seen as the armed men raised voices to communicate with residents, including women and children, and bring them weapons. It was noted that a post at the crossing a few weeks ago was organized by staff in the form of the Agency from the neighboring region — Magadan region for the period of passage of salmon for spawning.

“The whole village, and that more than 800 people, in fact, taken hostage, said local resident Tatyana Reshetnikova. — Men in uniform at gunpoint forbid us to cross to the other side of Hunting, where we can get to Okhotsk. We were in a real blockade.”

The head of administration of the settlement Sergei Mikhailov spoke to the head of the local branch of the Agency, but he answered that arrived from other regions of the inspectors he did not obey. Residents of the Arch had to contact the Prosecutor’s office and the Khabarovsk branch of the Russian popular front.