Called likely cause the third world war

Called likely cause the third world war

Analytical center RAND Corporation (California, USA) called the uncontrolled proliferation of hypersonic missile threat that could spark a major conflict, in particular, the third world war. On the report of the experts drew attention to the Motherboard.

Hypersonic missiles, according to the study, capable of travelling at speeds of more than five thousand kilometers per hour, resulting in the existing missile defense system will not be able to react to them.

Over a hypersonic weapon work in the United States, China and Russia, are interested in technology in Europe, Japan, Australia and India. The RAND Corporation offers the first three countries to sign the agreement on non-proliferation of hypersonic weapons. In the center believe that the technology can spread in less than ten years.

In September of 2017 Vice President, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Orlando Carvalho, speaking at the International aerotehnichesky Congress and exposition (Fort worth, Texas, USA), said that “the United States is on the threshold of the hypersonic revolution.”