To update the Constitution as the iPhone: the debate about the secession of Catalonia

To update the Constitution as the iPhone: the debate about the secession of Catalonia

The Catalan Parliament is preparing to declare independence, and the official Madrid announces it is illegal and refuses to negotiate with the separatists.


The Catalan Parliament is preparing to declare independence, and the official Madrid announces it is illegal and refuses to negotiate with the separatists.

Independent and without weapons

Noisy company in the billiard bar in the centre of Barcelona. The participants drink beer, lively conversation, and from the side similar to the colleagues who came by to relax after work.

But on the table — a flag with the inscription ” Si ” (“Yes”), the action takes place on the third day after a divided Spain, a referendum on independence, and those who are members of popular political discussion club.

“We’ve got a conspiracy” jokes adrià Alsina, who was called to hold a discussion.

Alsina — the press-Secretary of the National Assembly of Catalonia, the largest movement in support of independence.

At nine in the evening the waiters mute the music and switch the sports channel to the news — the audience in absolute silence watching the appeal Carles Pokdemon, the head of the government of Catalonia.

This statement is a response to statements by the king of Spain Philip VI, who said on Tuesday that the government of Catalonia violate the Constitution of the country. Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy previously said that “the referendum was not” and called the vote a hoax.

It Pokdemon conciliatory — he calls the Spaniards to the negotiating table. Alsina shares this position, but does not believe that Spain will decide on concessions. The leader of Catalonia fears of further pressure of Madrid, including military intervention.

We need to change the law?

That the government of Catalonia truly committed to negotiations with the Spanish government, and convinced Alfred Bosch, the head of the party group of “Left Republicans of Catalonia” in the municipality of Barcelona.

We wanted to sit at the table and shake hands, but any conversation we do not propose, and I propose simply to obey.Alfred Bachlava party group “Left Republicans of Catalonia” in the municipality of Barcelona

Because of this the Bosch of such talks sense does not see: “What’s the point talking to a brick wall?”.

From the speech of the king of BOSH didn’t expect anything else. From the point of view of the law the king of Spain is right: the exit of Catalonia from Spain would violate the country’s Constitution, which does not involve the self-determination of regions.

“If the law does not give freedom, it is necessary to change the law,” says Bosch.

The day of the referendum Alsina spent the night at the polling station, protecting the ballots from the police who tried to prevent the vote.

In all the clashes with the police injured nearly 900 people, of whom 844 had sought medical help. And if the government of Catalonia criticize the actions of the police and wonder why police violence is not reacted Evosoyuza, Prime Minister Rajoy, by contrast, praised the police for maintaining order.

On Friday 6 October, the representative of the government of Spain in Catalonia Enric Miglio apologized for the actions of the police on the day of the referendum on independence for the Autonomous region. Such a statement he made on local television. According to him, police tried to prevent the vote on the referendum illegal. “But when I see those pictures and know that people have hit or pushed, and the man was hospitalized, I cannot regret this and apologize on behalf of the officers,” — said the representative of the Spanish government.

Alsina is now going to spend the night in front of the Parliament of Catalonia, which is October 9, wants to officially declare independence.

“If we have to protect the voters in a time when Parliament is trying to break into the Spanish military, so be it,” says Alsina, not knowing that on Thursday, Spain’s constitutional court officially banned the meeting of the Catalan Parliament.

Tanks in Barcelona?

Press Secretary of the coalition “Catalan solidarity for independence” Enrique Folk awaiting the appearance of tanks in Barcelona: he also believes that Spain is ready to resort to violent methods.

Madrid has not officially promised to use force, but in the city and then there are rumors that the region pull troops. Too much people are impressed by tough police action in a referendum on 1 October.

His army of Catalonia no population is not configured in the civil war, and in the case of direct collisions of supporters of independence will be suppressed, I’m sure BOSH. The Catalans will seek independence peacefully, he said.

Catalonia is a special case, incomparable to other cases of separatism in Europe, believe politicians and ordinary citizens.

In Catalonia believe if Madrid was supported by a consistent vote, supporters of a unified Spain easily would have won.

An attempt by force to disrupt the referendum and the recent statements of the Spanish authorities only added to the supporters of the separation of the voices of the many doubters of the Catalans.

According to the Catalan government, independence was supported by 90% of voters with a turnout of 42%. Surveys conducted before the referendum showed a different layout. According to the Institute of DYM in July, the secession of Catalonia supported 65.4% of the inhabitants of the region, 28,4% opposed and 6.2% were undecided.

Why the struggle for independence in Barcelona unique

According to Alsina, the situation cannot be compared with what is happening in Africa and South America because the standard of living in Catalonia is significantly higher: “we Have all democratic institutions, we have human rights, education. We Europe, in the end”.

Thus on a par with what is happening in developed countries, Catalonia also did not deliver, says the press-Secretary of the National Assembly.