The source said indicating the police of St. Petersburg hard to suppress the action of 7 Oct

The police of St. Petersburg had been instructed to act tough during the protests at the Champ de Mars on 7 October, in that case, if it is a violation of the law. This is with reference to its sources informs “Interfax”.

“The police will act very harshly — as it was on June 12. Any provocation and illegal actions in the city centre will be nipped in the Bud”, — said the Agency interlocutor.

On 12 June in several cities of Russia, including St. Petersburg and Moscow, held a rally of the opposition. Some of the activities were not coordinated with the authorities. So, in North the capital an unauthorized demonstration, which was attended by about 10 thousand people, was held on the Champ de Mars. While the city administration asked them to gather in the Specific Park. On uncoordinated action have been detained more than 500 people, including 73 minors.