Russian scientists will map the Universe

Russian scientists will map the Universe

NPO Lavochkin completed construction of the astrophysical Observatory “Spectrum-Roentgen-Gamma”, whose objective is to build a large-scale map of the Universe and the search for answers to questions about how did the evolution of galaxies. Project launch scheduled for October 2018.

As told “Izvestia”, the scientific head of the project, academician Rashid Sunyaev, “Spektr-RG” will see about 3 million supermassive black holes and record about 100 thousand clusters of galaxies.

These data will allow scientists to map the Universe and to contribute to the development of world science.

“Such observatories to survey the entire sky with high sensitivity, angular and energy resolution is no more. Ground-based instruments to replace the “Spektr-RG” completely impossible”, — said the Deputy Director of the ICA, the head of operations in payload Michael Pavlinsky.

Basic scientific instruments “Spectrum-RG” — the German eROSITA x-ray telescope and a similar Russian instrument ART-XC. The launch project has been postponed repeatedly due to problems the German partners in the manufacture of the telescope. However, now that “all collection”, NPO Lavochkin assured that the new start delay will occur.